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I. Pre Sales Service

Our company provides free pre-sale consultation, solutions, and we will have a professional team to answer any questions.

II. Service in Sales

1. Provide free training for users and determine solutions.
2. We promise to deliver the goods to you in time according to the delivery time stipulated in the contract.

III. After Sales Service

1. Provide free product technical consultation and question answer;
2. In case of any quality problem during the warranty period, the company shall deal with it as soon as possible.
3. In case of disputed after-sales service during the warranty period, the problem shall be solved first, and then the responsibility shall be analyzed.
4. If it is necessary to send someone to the site to deal with quality problems, we will contact and communicate within 1 hour after the company receives the after-sales service request. If necessary, we can send someone to the site to deal with product quality problems.
5. Provide technical assistance and remote technical services related to our company's products to solve the problem of dealing with simple faults.